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Community Roundtable

Communities that are being hit first and hardest, are getting help from San Miguel and its partners GK. In Balintawak, QC, over 3,000 loaves of vitamin-fortified bread were distributed by volunteers to over 200 families.

"We will operate our food facilities 24/7. This isn’t about making profits. We have a responsibility to make sure that food is made available to as many people as possible,” San Miguel Corporation president and COO Ramon S. Ang said in the days after the Luzon lockdown.  True to his promise, Magnolia chicken was made available to poor communities around Metro Manila during Week 2 of the COVID-19 crisis. Sagrada Familia Parish in Bagong Silangan and Christ the King Parish in Batasan Hills, Quezon City were just two of the many communities reached.

Those already suffering from hunger on a daily basis will need our help in the months ahead. With a huge risk of increased malnutrition among the poor in both rural and urban centers. San Miguel's commitment to feed the hungry will continue even after the lockdown. 

Hunger is hunger. At Better World Tondo, we don't mind where the help comes from! At the end of the day, donations from our parent company, San Miguel, or donations from other food and beverage companies will feed the hungry. Pag hunger, walang lock out.

Every Monday since the lockdown, member families of Better World Tondo congregate at the community center for a week's rations of essential foodstuff.  Food banking is a support mechanism that might help as public schools and community centers remain closed. With the help of a few volunteers and donations from a handful of big corporates and SMEs, Better World Tondo is serving the food needs of over 900 indigent families.

The poorest barangay in Antipolo, Barangay Cawalis, located at the foothills of Mount Porro is also the most inaccessible. The Luzon quarantine made acess to and from Cawalis even more difficult. Through the amazing PusoKitchen, At least 300 people (among them the Dumagat, senior citizens, and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, get a good meal.



Every day can be stressful for those who live in Tondo, many of whom (even in the best of times), are struggling to eat three square meals a day. We are so thankful to our partners and donors who are still managing to send us food despite the lockdown and despite the fear of COVID-19. Thank you to Nissin Monde for donating hundreds of eggs to Better World Tondo.  Every Monday, we give what we can. 

"No child should at no time go hungry." This belief propels Project Pearls in its life-giving work of providing for the poorest of the poor. During the lockdown, they brought much needed food to Helping Land and Happy Land. We're proud to belong to the same One Tondo coalition of like-minded NGOs and foundations working to bring an end to poverty.

Following the lockdown, food distribution has been scaled back to once a week. Yet BWT members are comforted knowing that they will not go hungry, despite the growing health crisis that may force many more families to skip meals and scramble for scarce, subsidized food.