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Like its parent company, San Miguel Foundation prides itself in taking a problem-solving approach in the effort to Do Good Better.

San Miguel Corporation


A future-ready Philippines where everyone has a chance to enrich and enjoy their lives. 

Our Purpose

To lead in nation-building by creating opportunities that will uplift generations of Filipinos, allowing all to share in the rewards of sustainable growth, development and prosperity.

Our Values

Malasakit manifests itself in everything we do.

We do what is right

We believe in doing our best

We take accountability for our decisions

We think innovation

We help our people succeed

We are a good neighbor

We advocate sustainable development

San Miguel Foundation aims to Do Good Better through:

Systems Thinking

A holistic approach to development seeks to understand a system as a whole, focusing on and examining relationships among the parts of a system, considering patterns of behavior and the underlying structures that drive those behaviors.

A Whole-of-Society Approach

A collaborative approach to problem-solving that involves the government, international and regional organizations, private interests, and nongovernmental actors.

Promoting Self-Reliance

Building resilient communities comprised of empowered problem-solvers.

Giving Strategically

Giving more effectively to causes that align with our own values and provide greater impact to society. 

Capacity Building

Providing learning opportunities and creating replicable processes for scale or systems impact.

Our Projects and Initiatives


Education is the best investment anyone can make. This belief has fueled San Miguel Foundation to graduate many students from mainstream schools and universities through literacy programs for elementary students, school and library construction, and the provision of teacher trainings.

Today, we are shifting our focus to vocational and soft skills training to increase the chances of young people to find jobs or become self-employed. We’re partnering with the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) to create a learning community in Sumilao, Bukidnon. Through our partnership with SEED and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), we bring investment and scale to help deliver better learning outcomes. Through quality alternative learning systems, we can uplift the lives of young people who might normally be left behind by the traditional educational system.

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San Miguel Foundation is passionate about advocating for nutrition because it is vital for a child’s development. Children cannot fully advance physically and mentally unless the issue of hunger is addressed. Thus we have been supporting projects to nourish children during their first 1,000 days. Currently, we are also in partnership with Rise Against Hunger to address the nutrition issues of children in Tondo, Manila.


As the CSR arm of the country’s largest food and beverage company, we, too, have a responsibility to help people live healthier lives. In line with this, our flagship program Better World Community aims to alleviate hunger for society’s most vulnerable and prevent malnutrition. One of our newest initiatives is also targeted towards improving maternal, newborn, and child health. SMC Foundation supports community centers and clinics in our host barangays.


Being one of the Philippines’ largest conglomerates, we take the risk of climate change seriously. As such, we are managing our environmental impact—reducing emissions, water use, and waste across our value chain. The San Miguel Group has planted over a million fruit bearing, forest, and mangrove trees throughout the Philippines in an effort to protect vital watersheds.

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We aspire to raise living standards and promote self-reliance in the communities we help. To achieve this, San Miguel Foundation has been conducting activities such as disaster relief and rehabilitation projects in areas hit by calamities and barangay trainings to help community officials better manage their communities.

San Miguel Foundation has also donated over Php 2 billion for housing projects in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, Negros Oriental, Valenzuela and Davao. This is in the hopes of providing urban families a permanent home and a safe place to live and thrive in.

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